Peace and Beauty Studios, the art of Jeffrey M Green

Artist Statement

The moment I became a
n artist was not a single event. Having drawn since a child, I have not stopped since, remaining self-taught throughout. Art has been a constant in defining what I do. Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be an artist.


People describe my work with the words peaceful, serene, and beautiful. After a lifelong valley of personal struggles I consider it a wonderful blessing from God that these themes show through despite the trials.


At the start, I was a jack-of-all-trades as far as medium. For the past 20 years I have concentrated on colored pencils. The direct control of both the medium and the drawing produced is a great appeal. I am fascinated a humble pencil can achieve the impact of a painting. This surprise brings freshness to traditional fine art. In addition to this medium, I am exploring oil painting, a newfound enjoyment.


I refer to my art as “expressive realism”, in terms of going beyond realism alone as its sole purpose. My goal is to draw or paint what I see. The style is realistic and has an immediate impression on the viewer, yet what excites me the most is the subtlety in each subject. I love absorbing myself in detail. Each color, shade, and highlight shows so many levels of nuance. I find this one of the great joys of creating art.

Within the perimeters of my style is a classic or traditional influence. Through a wide range of subjects, the overarching theme is that of peace. Another is the belief that art is synonymous with the ideal and portrayal of beauty.

Faith in Christ plays the biggest role in my life, with influences in my art. Much of the tranquil atmosphere portrayed is symbolized by this as an overt feeling or undercurrent. The uplifting mood is important. My faith plays a direct role in focusing on beauty and aesthetic with the purpose of blessing the viewer in a positive way. As we contemplate the word around us in Creation, an observational and experiential stimulus arouses a spiritual response. Art can reflect this, drawing curiosity to the deeper meaning of life by showcasing what God has made.

I see my purpose as an artist as a call to inspirational and enriching moments in a world of conflict, emotional turmoil, and stress. In my struggle with anxiety, art is a means for me to connect with the community. If you are curious how faith can overcome mental and emotional issues, the blog article Overcoming Mental and Emotional Illness through Faith explores this, from my blog Living in the Light of Grace.

If you have any questions or prayer requests, you can contact me at I would be happy to connect with you.




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