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Commission Guidelines and Pricing


If you are considering commissioning an art piece, please read this page carefully to familiarize yourself with the process, guidelines, and pricing.


 Much of my art is by commission. I have had a wide variety of subjects for commissioned work - among them portraits, garden scenes, ocean themes, favorite vehicles, buildings, and pet portraits. 

Decorate your home or office with original fine art. Art Makes a unique and special heartfelt gift.



For those who are not aware of why fine art is priced the way it is, I share a few details behind what goes into the consideration:


It is important to realize that art is an investment of something that is valuable and meaningful. We can forget the value of original art in today’s world of one hour photos, instant online purchases, and other services. Art is much different than this, both in the care of its creation, and its value as an heirloom or gift. 

Beyond this, what basically goes into my art pricing is time spent to work on each piece. For artists who work in realism, the time spent on the work can be considerable. My artwork can take anywhere from 60 to 120 hours of work on the art itself alone, depending on size - not taking into account planning the piece, meeting the client, sitting for and taking references, and all the other work involved. When adding more than one person in a portrait, that can be quite an amount of work above this as well. 

My commissioned art is not priced according to any perceived artistic value of my work per se, other than it is simply worth the charge based on a times value spent on it. The prices are designed to balance a client’s budget, while being fair to the time it takes to create. 

The prices quoted here are general guidelines. Care is taken in considering each commission. Most always, as stated, what is reflected in the price you are paying is how much work it will be. I do consider various ways to balance costs with your budget. One way a client can save money is by ordering a smaller sized work. This has been done, without losing artistic value, by clients in the past. Or, for larger works I consider installment plans on a case by case basis.


It should be noted, that for larger sized commissions, the prices for a commission are much lower than the works in my collection. This is specifically done in order to make it more accessible and affordable to a client’s budget. (I do offer an even greater savings, in terms of my art collection itself, with signed prints of my work). 


In all these considerations, I work with a simple contract to lay out exactly what will be entailed in prices, fees, size, etc. Everything is agreed upon upfront in understanding; there are no price changes after this is agreed on and signed. By using a contract, both the artist and the client know what is expected of them. 

I look forward to working with you. I am open to answering any questions you may have. You may reach me at


 Jeffrey M Green


 Commissions/Requested Work: Guidelines and Pricing


Prices for requested commissioned work are based on time involved, detail and work involved (for example a portrait with more than one person in the portrait is much more work), as well as the size of the work. Therefore, though the prices quoted below are quoted according to size, they can be subject to change according to extra time and work expected (particularly 16x20's or larger). All prices are quoted up front in agreement together; they do not change during the work. A simple contract is required to be signed, which insures both parties know what is expected, as well as 40% of the commission price paid up front. Work does not begin until the contract is signed and first payment received. Once this has been initiated, the commission can not be canceled except in unforeseen extreme cases considered on a case by case basis. PA sales tax/Use Tax of 6% is required. There are no return policies for commissions, though I do make every effort to fulfill your wishes and desires in the work. Please remember that you are initiating work time on a commission once a contract is signed and agreement is made. Canceling a commission in mid work time is against contract and any work already done to that point must be paid.


Prices range from:


  • $270 for an 8" x 10"
  • $400 for an 11" x 14".
  • $850 for a 16" x 20". For larger, contact the artist.


  • 40% is required up front to begin work.
  • A simple contract is required to be signed.
  • A materials charge may apply, particularly to larger works.
  • I do consider installment plans for larger works, signed contract is required. I am also open to consideration for a client's budget.


Please note that, as the size becomes larger, much more work is involved - an example would be "Petals and Folds", at 16 x20", which took 120 hours to complete.

Other sizes and price options can be arranged, these are general guidelines.


Installment plans: I may consider installment payments to fit a client’s budget. A signed contract is required for this option, which is worked out on an individual case by case basis.


Framing: Framing is left to the client, though I can assist in advising. Care and framing for the work can be done as any work on paper normally would. Archival and acid free materials should be used. Matting should always be used, not only for aesthetics, but to keep the work from touching the glass.


Shipping: Any shipping charges are billed in addition to the commission charge. They may be billed separately, if needed, unless a charge is agreed on beforehand. 


Regarding Photo references: I prefer to work from my own photo references for commissions for quality artwork and detail. For portraits a sitting can be arranged with the subject, where I will take a number of photo references. For other subjects it can be arranged for me take my own references at the scene. 
If this is not available, I have worked from photos provided by the client. I do, however, need a high quality to choose from, in order to see details. This is top priority for good artwork, seeing detail can not be stressed enough. It is considered for portraits, buildings, pets, or cars/motorcycles only. Studio shots, such as school pictures, etc., or any other photos by any photographers will not be considered (unless permission is given by the photographer, in writing). Copyrighted or trademarked photos or themes are not considered.

If you do not have quality references to provide and I can not take my own, I may choose not to go forward with the commission request. Considering a client's photo reference is a concession only. With the intent of original art by the artist, in most cases I use my own references. 



Copyright notice: Each work is under copyright of the artist. The work, or any images taken thereof, can not be used to make prints/reproductions of any kind, sell prints/reproductions of any kind, or otherwise use the work for commercial or profit uses without written permission of the artist. It may not be used for advertisement purposes or to be printed or shown in any publications without written permission of the artist. It can not be resold to or submitted to companies or entities to officially represent the artist or the artist's work on his behalf, without written permission. This includes any online internet uses of similar manner.



My art services are offered according to each individually considered inquiry. I reserve the right not to portray certain subject matter. I do not create nude art, fan art, or trademarked art of any kind. I will not consider any occult themes or inappropriate subject matter. (Simply put, my art is basically uplifting or family oriented). 

As a general rule, my art is within the perimeter of realism. I do not normally create art in other genres, though I do use other mediums. 


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