Drawing "Heavy", Prayer Series II, 11" x 14", graphite pencil. by Jeffrey Green

"Heavy", Prayer Series II, 11" x 14", graphite pencil.

Second in the portrait Prayer Series, is the graphite pencil work titled, "Heavy".

The theme is depression. It is not in hopelessness, however. The Psalms, the book of Job, and other Scripture passages, show us that God invites us to pour the depths of our heart out to Him.

When we think of the word hope, we understand it as self-help or wishful sentiments that can not reach us in our deepest brokenness. Prayer is not a superficial endeavor. We seek Jesus Himself, a sure trust in which we can rely. Since Jesus experienced the pain of human experience, we have a Savior who knows our circumstances. In power and mercy, the hope of the risen Redeemer is a place of intimate safety. In Him, we have hope during the darkest times.

We usually keep the deep-seated part of ourselves hidden from others and sometimes even from ourselves. We are safe to be free with our Father. His lovingkindness enfolds us.