"Hide Myself, 16" x 20", colored pencils by Jeffrey Green

"Hide Myself, 16" x 20", colored pencils

This work symbolizes the inner experience of personality. Within ourselves is a place we share with no one, hidden behind acceptable masks we show the world. In the deep-seated self, we do not risk exposing our raw vulnerability. We may be filled with past wounds, pain, fear, anger, shame, or failure. While we share the safe part of who we are with others, the secret places are kept protected. Yet, one of the strongest desires we have is to be fully understood.

As a Christian, it is my belief that God heals our innermost being when we receive His Son. We need not hide our brokenness from Him. Not only does He know us better than we ever will, we can be true and real no matter what our pain or failures are. In intimate redeemed relationship, Christ transforms in the darkest places beyond our reach.