"Testimonium", 16 x 24", colored pencils.  by Jeffrey Green

"Testimonium", 16 x 24", colored pencils.

This subject has a dual meaning. The beauty of clouds can be appreciated by anyone. Beyond this is a spiritual meaning.

The title is Latin for “witness”. My purpose with this work was to focus on the general revelation of God. There are two forms of revelation: the propositional truth of Scripture and the witness of God’s existence, character, and glory in the natural world around us, called general revelation (see Romans 1:20). I view this focus as an artist’s call. Though a limited revelation, it points to His infinite power, divine nature, and sublimity.

Looking up, we see beauty. We observe the world around us, which calls us to consider the God who created it.

(This piece is not framed).

$950.00 USD